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My Philosophy of Education

All About Ashley
Introduction Letter to the Parents
My Philosophy of Education
First Grade Phonics Lesson Plan
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Philosophy of Education


Aims & Purposes:

            It is my personal goal to educate every individual child.  Every student will be educated while in my classroom. The students will be in a safe, comfortable, relaxed, and healthy learning environment. I believe that having this type of a learning environment in the classroom allows children to excel in their studies and be successful students.  I will be incorporating all of the learning styles into the classroom as a way to meet the needs of every individual student.



            The curriculum for my classroom will be well balanced between reading, writing, and mathematics.  It will include science, social studies and other subject areas as well.  I will be incorporating Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences into my lessons and in the classroom. I feel that every child has the potential to excel and achieve great accomplishments if they are given the opportunity and the challenge.  All children are unique and have there own different talents that can be shown through the several intelligences. The curriculum will also be multi-cultural based. The curriculum overall, will be engaging. School should be a fun place to be! After all, it is where most of a child’s youth is spent. Outside of the classroom, learning also takes place through experiences so there will not be much time spent on homework at home. I believe children need their time to play.



            There will be multiple ways of assessment. This includes both informal and formal assessment. Students will be given the opportunity to share their knowledge and what they have learned through discussions, experiments, projects, etc. I will be assessing the students during these times which will be replacing most of the formal testing in the classroom. However, when there is formal testing, I will incorporate all of the different learning styles.  I will assess at the level that each student is capable of being assessed at.


Administration & Organization:

I strongly believe that the students should be involved in setting up the rules for their own classroom. It is the students who will benefit from being a part of the development. I will discuss with the students the need for rules and then as a class we will make a list of rules or expectations. Then we will select the best rules and compile a class list. The class will vote on the top six class and then they will be posted clearly for all to see.  There are positive rewards and also consequences for appropriate and inappropriate behavior. Classroom Rules include; Use kind words, be respectful of everyone and their property, be ready to listen and follow directions, be polite and helpful to others, be honest, and have fun.  Depending on the level of significance of the positive or negative behavior there are consequences. The consequences could be rewards or penalties depending on the nature of the behavior. Rewards for positive behavior include: A friendly smile, a compliment, posting good work, a positive note sent to parents, and special privileges. Consequences that are because of negative behavior include: Have the student state which rule was broken, change of seats, loss of privileges, call to parents, and visit to the principal’s office.